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We ensure the highest standers of sterilization and prevention of cross infection procedures. At a dental or medical facility, meticulous care should be directed towards prevention of cross containment to prevent the spread of disease. We follow the international standards for prevention of cross infection in a dental setting such as;

  • All dental Instruments are sterilized in an autoclave after each single use. They are packaged and are only opened from their sterilized packaging until they are to be used on a patient. An autoclave is a device used to sterilize equipment and supplies by subjecting them to high pressure saturated steam. We periodically check the efficacy of the autoclaves via chemical and temperature testing.

  • Dental hand pieces are also sterilized in an autoclave after each single use as per the guidelines of the  CDC (center of disease control).


  • Ultrasonic cleaners are used to remove any debris on the dental instruments before sterilization in the autoclave. Tiny cavitation bubbles are produced with high frequency, allowing the bubbles to penetrate smaller crevices. This results in deep cleaning of the instruments.


  • All dental unit parts are wrapped with plastic barriers that are changed after each patient. Such parts include tubings, handles, light switc


  • We also use a internationally renowned system by a company called Oxypharm for surface and aerial disinfection. The device creates a dense fog in a room that is loaded with disinfecting particles that deposit on every square inch of the room. It is a very effective way of disinfecting all the surfaces in a room and eliminating any bacterial aerosols in the air. This system is widely used in hospitals in France where it has shown great efficacy in reducing hospital acquired infections. Please read more about the system on the following link.


  • The water system that runs the dental unit is equipped with a disinfecting system so that the water used intra-orally is purified water. The system is world-renowned, IGN® and CALBENIUM® which utilizes silver ion disinfection. Click here for more information on the system.


Although public water supply is filtered and chlorinated, public water lines in every community have a certain amount of bacteria living in them. Through various types of filtration and chemical treatments, municipalities can lower bacteria counts to manageable levels. However, as water lines get progressively thinner en route to their final destination, the amount of bacteria in the line gets more and more concentrated. This can lead to astonishingly high levels of bacteria in the fine water mist a dentist sprays onto your teeth. These bacteria can represent a serious problem for people with compromised immune systems. It can also cause delayed healing and infections after certain procedures (like root canals or gum surgery) where a sterile working field is critical. .





We make sure to follow the guidelines set forth by the center of disease control for prevention of cross infection in a dental practice. Here is a link to the internationally standardized protocols so that you are better informed about what measures should be taken by any dental office you choose to visit.


















Please feel free to inquire about our infection control measures and discuss your concerns about cross infection at your dental visit.




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